Visual Content – the Future of Marketing!

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What makes your content stand out from others?

Are you still in the "narrative only" mode?

It's time to jump into visual content!

Why is visual content so important?

  1. There's entirely too much content out there.  It's overwhelming!
  2. There aren't enough hours in the day to read all the content we're interested in!
  3. Viewers are more apt to share images.
  4. Images show up in search engine results.

So Visual Content is the future of marketing!

Some examples of video content:

  • comics - a fun way to present an idea;  use it to catch your reader's attention, then provide more content.visual content







  • memes - images combined with a short phrase or quote; often funny






  • infographics - a great way to summarize a lot of content 



  • photos - Instagram, Facebook, Flicker















  • videos - short clips on Youtube providing information, then linking back to your website

    1. visual note-taking - draw what's being said live; tells a story in real time using words and images

How to use Visual Content Successfully

  1. tell your story
  2. choose which type of content you want to convey your message; maybe a combination works
  3. have a great design - maybe outsource this
  4. market your brand
  5. promote Everywhere!

Where should you promote your Visual Content

  1. Pinterest - visual medium, great traffic generator
  2. Flickr - post pictures of your brand, products, company events, employees, etc.
  3. Facebook - content posted with images gets more engagement
  4. YouTube - post, promote, and share videos
  5. Slideshare - upload Powerpoint presentations

My advice if you're not producing any visual content - just start with one.  For example, start posting an image whenever you post on Facebook.  After you do it several times, it will become automatic and you'll always be on the lookout for great images.

Then I would move on to Pinterest.  Set up an account and start pinning your content there.  You'll be surprised how quickly you get followers.

The most difficult area to get into for a lot of people is video.  People are just reluctant to get in front of a camera.  I was the same way.  This is how I got over it!

  • I broke out my flip cam (or I just recorded from my laptop) and just started filming myself.  I never even watched the first several videos.  I just worked to get comfortable talking to the camera.
  • Then I started actually watching them and working on the things that I needed to work on.  For example, I tend to say "um" a lot.
  • Then I started to video with a purpose - teaching something or giving information.  Once I started doing this, I actually forgot about the camera because I now had a focus.

So just try it!  And if you're really still reluctant, you can always do a video of your desktop like I did in the above video and no one has to even see your face!

And of course, the most advanced of the above strategies is video note-taking which I haven't even gotten into yet, but it's next on my list because it's just so cool!

Good luck!

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