Leaf International Review

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Don’t join Leaf International until you’ve read this Leaf International Review.

What is Leaf International?

Leaf International is a new online advertising platform designed for businesses to benefit from both free and paid advertising.  Leaf’s mission is to connect businesses, people and life.

The Leaf Opportunity is a unique, and very profitable, way for anyone to earn a piece of the multi-billion dollar online advertising industry.

Businesses can get targeted exposure for their websites in Leaf’s customized SWO (Social Web Optimizer) Platform..  As people view those websites, they provide feedback to the company based on a star rating system or an advanced rating system.  This feedback is a valuable asset to any company doing business online.

The Leaf Opportunity

Those “people” who are viewing websites and providing feedback, have the unique opportunity to participate in Leaf International’s daily revenue sharing plan, called the “Daily Rebate.”

How Do I Earn with Leaf?

As a Leaf Associate, you can earn 5 different ways:

  • Sales commissions – earn up to three levels
  • Leaf has a 3 x 9 Forced Matrix (up to 5% of company wide Advertising sales added)
  • 4 levels of earnings in the Matrix Bonus Pool
  • For big builders starting at 10,000 distributors, the Matrix Infinity Bonus 
  • Daily Advertising Rebate Credit

Even as a Free Leaf Affiliate, you can earn sales commissions.

The Leaf International Advertising Compensation Plan

Sales Commissions

  • no recruiting requirement (although strongly encouraged – you’ll make more money!)
  • Get paid on 3 levels of advertising 
  • Get paid on 3 levels of products

Daily Advertising Rebate

  • The Leaf Daily Advertising Rebate is paid from Leaf advertising sales each day.
  • Earn up to a 1.5% or 4% (based on advertising sales volume each day)  daily rebate based on the amount of active Leaf ad credits (one dollar equals one ad credit in value). 
  • Maintain the 20% re-purchase requirement.

To participate in the Daily Advertising Rebate you must…

  1. Review 20 websites and give them a 1-5 star rating
  2. of those 20, give 3 sites a more advanced rating
  3. place an ad promoting the Leaf Opportunity

Have 1 Leaf Associate recruited to cash out any earnings.s.

And get this – the maximum Leaf ad credit value is $200,000 and the maximum daily purchase for associates is $10,000 per day. So, you can earn up to $8,000 per day just with the Leaf Daily Ad Rebate!  That’s crazy money!!!

But there’s more…

Leaf International’s 3×9 Forced Matrix

You can participate with 3 personally referred Leaf affiliates who purchase product packages. Up to 29,526 affiliates can be in each matrix. You could make $2,000 to $10,000 per day depending on the product package types your affiliate’s purchase.

Leaf International has just launched with the following products:

-the Social Web Optimizer – websites are viewed and reviewed
-the Advertising Network – advertise your business to a targeted audience
-the Website Builder – to promote your business

And we have a very supportive team in our Leaf Forum on Facebook to show you the way.

and there is much more to come!

What to do now?

Sign up for your Free Account at TheLeafOpportunity.com

Have a great day & stay positive!

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